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What Are The Ways To Check The Authenticity Of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Demand and popularity for Himalayan salt lamps are increasing year by year. People are willing to understand and love the benefits offered by these lamps. That is why Himalayan salt lamps have rapidly turned into the most loved natural health gadget of all time! Ever since Himalayan salt lamps hit the market, sales have taken off, particularly in 2022. An ever-increasing number of people acknowledge how wonderful and charming they are to place these lamps at their favorite corner of the house or office.

Unfortunately, this ascent in popularity has allowed unscrupulous vendors to cash in by selling fake, inexpensively fabricated lights. However, a genuine pink salt lamp gives an assortment of medical advantages, including air cleaning and beautiful orange/pink glow; a fake salt lamp is just a lovely adornment. Therefore, figuring out how to recognize the critical difference between an original and a fake lamp is essential before making a purchase and will save you from buying a poor-quality product.

Similarly, as with anything in the market today, natural salt lamps can at times be challenging to find because of numerous sellers vending fake Himalayan salt lamp replicas. The most widely recognized fakes are pink-colored selenite lights and plastic lights sold as salt lamps.

Anyway, there is a more serious issue than fake lamps, which is bad quality, not beneficial for the health but potentially dangerous and last only a few months!

So, from where do the authentic Himalayan salt lamps come from?

They are sourced from pink salt mines located in remote mountain regions of Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. These lamps are beautifully handcrafted, offer a soothing glow, and are known to provide several health benefits. It is a must to check the lamp’s origin available either as a stamp on the bottom of the lamp, in a brochure or otherwise.

Here Are the Top Ways to Check the Authenticity of Himalayan Salt Lamps –

  • Fake Lamp is Too Bright –

An authentic Himalayan salt lamp offers a soothing, calming, and relaxing brightness, a little faint in certain parts; however, it is not excessively bright. One thing that shows the authentic nature of the lamps is that they shouldn’t emit a lot of light like a glowing bulb does.

The light from genuine salt lamps is likewise uneven because the natural texture of the salt stones is also uneven. At times it might seem that the salt lamp is losing its color. This is additionally an awful sign that shows the salt lamp is not genuine.

  • Fake Lamp Doesn’t Break –

Durability is a great factor for several things we purchase, but not in the case of Himalayan salt lamps. Genuine salt lamps are incredibly fragile and can break easily. Thus, great care is required in handling these lamps. It is advised to handle salt lamps gently as dropping them could chip them or even break them. On the other hand, fake lamps are extremely solid and do not break easily.

  • Fake Lamp Doesn’t Sweat –

Real salt lamps are hygroscopic – they draw in water molecules. At the point when the atoms are joined with the heat of the lamp, the lamp dries out and afterward delivers the particles into the air.

In this cycle, little dabs of water ought to shape the lamp. The more humid a climate is, the more “sweat” is formed on the lamp. In case the salt lamp you have isn’t sweating in any way, particularly in humid conditions, it’s certainly a solid possibility for the lamp to be fake.

  • No Return Policy –

Since authentic salt lamps are delicate, manufacturers always sell the product with a flexible return policy as the lamp might get damaged during shipping. It is a must to check the labels carefully before buying. The “No Returns” label on the pack is a sure sign that the product is fake and sold to cheat customers.

  • Fake Lamps Are Not Expensive –

Genuine Himalayan salt lamps offer a warm pinkish or orange hue and are rare and highly sought after. This makes these lamps much more expensive than the fake lamps available. Himalayan salt lamps available at low prices are not made up of genuine pink salt stones and are 100% fake.

  • Offers Zero Health Benefits –

For people who don’t experience any health benefits even after regularly using the Himalayan salt lamps, the chances are high that they are using fake salt lamps. However, most people ought to see a difference within two weeks of getting their salt lamp. If the lamp is of appropriate size for the room, one can feel the difference in the air, lower stress levels, and other health benefits. In case no benefits are experienced even after weeks, it is for sure that the salt lamp is not authentic.

While the two can look great on the desk or night table, the genuine Himalayan salt lamp will continuously keep the home clean and give incredible medical advantages, while the fake one will not.To become an intelligent consumer, knowing the key differences between authentic & fake Himalayan salt lamps is essential. Therefore, never hesitate for even a moment to say no to salt lamps that have any of these signs mentioned above.