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Tips for fitting and care of cat eye glasses


The time has come, you wear new glasses and what we all want is for them to last as long as possible. Take note of these tips to take care of them and enjoy your new look to the fullest:

How to properly clean your cat eye glasses?

To enjoy good vision, it is essential to clean your glasses frequently and, even more importantly, to do it well:

When you go to clean your eyeglass including cat eye glasses, we recommend that you hold them by the frame rings (do not hold them by the bridge as they can break).

Use the microfiber cloth that you will find inside the case that we have given you to clean both the lenses and the frame. Remember that you can wash the cloth to keep it clean (even in the washing machine).

If you have spray or special wipes for glasses, use them.

Avoid drying the glasses with paper or cloth. Neither dry nor, of course, clean. Yes, that thing that everyone does and that you should never, ever do if you want these new cat eye glasses frames to not scratch. Kitchen paper is also not worth it, in its composition, there are cellulose fibers and resins that make it firmer and more absorbent. That’s why it scratches the glasses so much.

Do not use dish soap as it can damage the glass treatment such as anti-reflective or anti-scratch.

How to care for glasses?

Avoid exposing the cat eye glassesin places with sudden changes in temperature (exposed to the sun, for example in the glove compartment of the car, or in places with extreme temperatures) as this can cause alterations in the crystals and misalignment in the frame.

When not in use, always store them in the case.

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy good visual comfort for longer. If you need help with the adaptation and adjustment of your new glasses, get in touch with us and our expert team will assist you to solve all your doubts.

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