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Silverfish in the Bathroom: Is It Hard to Remove Them?

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that can claim any part of your house. However, they prefer to be in the bathroom due to the warm, humid environment it provides. While silverfish are just a nuisance pest in general, they can damage household items, trigger allergies, and contaminate food products. To prevent these from happening, you must know what draws these pests to your home and when to work with a good Seattle pest control company to eradicate these pests.

What to Know About Silverfish

These pests can be distinguished by their silvery coloring, fish-like shape, and tiny scales. Also, they tend to make wriggling movements. These six-legged pests have 21 antennae and stubby bristles on their back. Unless disturbed or threatened, they only emerge from their hiding spots at night. Silverfish like to eat starchy materials, particularly wood and paper.  Also, they feed on fibers, glue, linens, hair, cellulose, and dead insects like other silverfish.

While silverfish look scary and can be mistaken for centipedes, they do not bite humans or animals. These pests can run quickly and look for a safe hiding spot when disturbed.

Do Silverfish Transmit Diseases?

Silverfish do not carry and transmit diseases to humans and animals. However, they can contaminate food items they want to attack like flour and cereals. Silverish shed tiny scales. Such shedding contains tropomyosin, which triggers allergies in some people. Also, silverfish droppings can cause allergic reactions in certain people.

Reasons Silverfish Are in Your Bathroom

Silverfish prefer to be in warm, damp areas, which makes your bathroom the ideal target. For these pests, moisture is vital for survival and reproduction. Thus, your bathroom is the best environment for them. leaky faucets, sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers offer the conditions they need to thrive.

Silverfish can enter your house through tiny cracks, holes, and gaps in walls, doorways, window frames, and pipes. Usually, they get into houses through small entry points damaged by water like foundation or pipe leaks and clogged cutters. Also, they can be hidden in firewood and boxes and brought to your home.

Eliminating Silverfish in Your Bathroom

Eliminating silverfish from your bathroom is not easy without professional assistance. Silverfish can live for up to 8 years and their females can lay 300 eggs during their lifetime.

Spotting a few silverfish in the bathroom may mean that an infestation is developing. While a silverfish infestation is a nuisance, these pests can damage items in your bathroom as they can chew on shower curtains, rugs, wallpaper, towels, and bath mats. Also, you won’t be happy to find one at night when you turn the light on.

To keep silverfish out of your bathroom, there are steps you can take. First, you must vacuum, wash, and dry bathroom rugs and carpets frequently. Also, you should change lines regularly and never keep papers like newspapers, magazines, and books in your bathroom. Ensure the bathroom fan is properly working to minimize air moisture. Also, seal up entry points to prevent silverfish from entering your space.