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Read to Know How to Ship Products from China

For small businesses or those new to importing from China, navigating shipping methods can be challenging. Sourcing agents like Maple Sourcing often ship full containers for larger customers, creating confusion for smaller customers.

Some consider express shipping initially, only to find the cost much higher than expected. Others opt for sea freight for its affordability but encounter complex and expensive import/export processes.

For businesses importing less than a 20GP container load or starting their importing journey, this situation analysis offers valuable shipping suggestions. It helps navigate various scenarios—providing insights on cost-effective shipping options, avoiding complexities, and ensuring a smooth importing experience.

It is important to know about shipping from China, understand the nuances of shipping methods and consider factors like cargo size, cost, and import/export procedures, which are crucial for small businesses to make informed decisions while dealing with Chinese supplies.

1. Air freight from China

Air freight from China is ideal for small express shipments. Cargo must meet aircraft load ability criteria regarding size, weight, and hazardous nature. Most air freight services ensure quick delivery within 5-7 days or even sooner, accommodating urgent shipping needs efficiently.

2. Sea freight from China

Sea freight from China is suitable for non-urgent, bulk shipments, often more economical than air freight but with a longer shipping duration of up to a month.

As a reliable option, sourcing companies can facilitate the setup and provide cargo insurance. They extend sea freight services to various destinations, including the USA, Canada, and Africa.

3. Rail freight from China

Rail freight shipping from China is a swift option for land transportation, connecting goods to destinations like Russia, Europe, and India. It offers a quicker alternative to sea freight, which is particularly beneficial for bulk shipments. Your sourcing company will ensure the arrangement of the most efficient rail shipping route and schedule.

4. Truck freight from China

Truck freight shipping in China is versatile and can complement other shipment modes. It facilitates inland transport from sea ports to distant warehouses and is ideal for domestic or nearby shipments. Truck freight serves as a supportive and flexible component of your overall shipping strategy from China.

5. FCL shipping from China

FCL (Full Container Load) shipping from China is ideal for sea and rail freight, particularly for mass production. It ensures that the entire container is dedicated to your products or a single type. This method minimizes the risk of loss or damage, and your sourcing company guarantees efficient arrangements for FCL shipments.

6. LCL shipping from China

LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments from China are suitable for smaller or consolidated shipments, accommodating products from various manufacturers or importers in a single container. Ideal for air freight, LCL shipping is a cost-effective option, especially beneficial for new product importers.

7. Amazon FBA warehouse shipping from China

Sourcing companies expertly handle shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouses. They manage FNSKU labelling, carton labels, packaging, and other requirements for Amazon FBA, ensuring seamless import operations and business profitability.

Final word

You can make your process of shipping from China much simpler by appointing a certain trustworthy Chinese sourcing agent like Maple Sourcing company, who can take care of your entire process of sourcing from China.