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Yacht Rental Advantages in Tenerife

The marina of Puerto Colon in Tenerife magnetically attracts thousands of holidaymakers and city guests every year. Here lie some of the finest private yachts, many of which are available for rental. It’s certain that Puerto Colon Marina is a place of immense allure, and yacht rental is always the most sought-after item on the list of vacation activities. With us, you can safely rent a yacht or boat for an hour or the entire day. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and feel the taste of true freedom with boat hire Tenerife https://rentboattenerife.com. Yachting often becomes a lifelong passion from the first minute. We will help organize an exciting sea journey and make your dream come true!

What to Consider When Choosing Yachts for Rent

The port offers a range of vessels from luxurious, large ships to economical pleasure boats. The cost of renting fluctuates from affordable options to high-end ones. We are here to guide you in making the right choice, and avoiding any pitfalls. Since 2015, we have worked with verified shipowners who meticulously maintain their vessels and check their technical condition daily. Safety, licensing, and availability of life-saving equipment are not just words to us. We’ll help you book a yacht, freeing you from risks and ensuring only positive emotions.

Yacht Rental – We Have Answers to Every Question

In our 5 years of operation, we have studied almost every question that concerns our guests. Based on our extensive experience, we have comprehensive answers for them. We’ll explain in detail how to reach Puerto Colon Marina, and where to park your car to avoid its towing. We’ll advise on what to bring and what to leave behind. And of course, we’ll answer your main question: “Is it possible to cancel the rental in case of a storm?”. We recommend reading this article to ensure your yachting experience is remembered for all the right reasons.

Sailboat or Motor Yacht, Boat or Catamaran – How to Choose?

The first thing to start with is your mood and desire for a great rest. The differences between a sailboat and a motor yacht are obvious. Some prefer skiing, others snowboarding – it’s the same here. Sails offer a feeling of romance and immense happiness from the rustling wind, while motors add adrenaline and speed. We’ll tell you how to rent a yacht tailored to your individual wishes and relax in comfort.

Relaxing at Sea on a Yacht

We’ll inform you about safety rules while staying on a yacht and swimming in the open sea. We’ll help prevent sunburn and explain why life jackets are necessary. The captain will provide all this information before leaving the harbor and embarking on your journey. His commands are non-negotiable and must always be followed. While relaxing, you may not see or hear him, but he is always nearby, as per maritime ethics. We know how important the privacy of your private life is, and we value it. However, the captain is always alert and ready to help at any moment during your stay on the yacht.

Yacht Rental in Tenerife

Enjoy your holiday – leave the rest to the captain! We offer all types of sailing and motor yachts. We work only with skippers who have years of experience and are familiar with the local waters. On larger, luxurious ships, stewards are also employed. Yacht rental without a crew is available, even if you have international certificates: IYT, RYA, ISSA.

Renting a Yacht in Tenerife

With us, there are no hidden commissions or overpayments, all prices are direct from the shipowners. Renting a yacht for a period ranging from an hour to a week or even a month is easy. We’ve selected the best yachts in the Puerto Colon Marina, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. We work directly with shipowners, offering you the best conditions. Interested in affordable rental? Easily done! Make an online order on our website and avoid extra costs.

Sailing and Motor Yacht Charter in Ibiza

Yacht charter services with Alquiler Barco Ibiza offer a luxurious retreat that you truly deserve. We provide over 60 modern sailing and motor yachts directly from the owners, without any commissions or hidden fees. Ready to embark on any popular charter destinations around the stunning Mediterranean waters of Ibiza.

We collaborate exclusively with trusted partners. Our selection includes only the finest motor and sailing yachts, boats, and catamarans, all in excellent technical condition and meeting the strictest safety standards. Our captains and skippers are professionals with years of experience navigating through challenging marinas and weather conditions.

Yacht in Charter

Our current offerings are suitable for a diverse range of activities, from coastal cruising to extended charter journeys. Charters are available only with a captain and crew. The prices listed in our catalog include the average fuel consumption for hourly cruises. For longer cruises and transitions to other ports, fuel consumption significantly increases. Additional charges for long-distance journeys include:

  • Fuel costs, depending on the individually designed route following the client’s preferences;
  • Fees for entering and staying in guest marinas;
  • Customs duties for crossing international borders on overseas trips.

Please note that for international crossings, a valid passport with an open visa is required for each guest. We will handle all the necessary vessel documentation for passengers. Ships undergo customs control and inspection when crossing international borders, similar to land crossings. Be aware that customs fees may apply.

When planning your route, keep in mind that the vessel can only dock at equipped marinas. Direct docking to shores, buoys, and piers is not allowed for safety reasons. Popular destinations include the picturesque bays and ports of Ibiza. Our website provides up-to-date information on yachts available for charter.

We will personally tailor the conditions to your wishes, ensuring the best price-quality ratio, and recommending partners for catering and first-class onboard service. Pay special attention to the charter of sailing yachts, available with a skipper. Relax and leave the rest to our professionals with years of yachting experience. If desired, an experienced captain will assist you in mastering sailing skills in the open sea and even let you take the helm.