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Why Buying Travel Insurance Is a Must?

Here’s how, if you’re like us, you get ready for a long trip: You start taking things out of your bag after realising you packed too much, and it won’t close. You don’t need the snorkel gear, the sarong, or the second jacket. However, there is one item that you must pack without a doubt: travel insurance.

Many travellers consider the increased cost and wonder if travel insurance is worthwhile. The response is typically an emphatic YES. Read on to know the travel insurance benefits.

  1. Most of us can’t afford to lose the money we invested in our vacation.

When you own travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits, and you have to cancel the trip for a cause which is covered, you can get reimbursed for your trip’s nonrefundable, pre-paid costs.

Instances like a covered significant illness or injury, a natural disaster or another occurrence that makes their location untenable, etc., are examples of covered reasons.

  1. Foreign medical emergencies can be costly.

Travel health insurance includes emergency medical coverage that may cover any financial losses incurred due to covered medical and dental crises that arise while you are travelling.

Benefits for emergency medical transportation may cover the expense of bringing you home after a covered injury or illness. It may also cover any necessary transportation to the closest suitable medical institution.

  1. You must get travel insurance to prevent minor catastrophes from ruining your vacation.

The joyful travel sensation disappears when that vacation begins with a cancelled flight, a missed connection, a lost suitcase, or another travel issue.

These circumstances can be improved with travel insurance benefits. If your covered departure is delayed/cancelled, you may be eligible for reimbursement for additional lodging/travel costs and lost pre-paid expenses.

Suppose your baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common carrier for more than 24 hours. In that case, baggage delay benefits can reimburse you for the reasonable additional costs of purchasing necessities while travelling.

  1. Assistance in a foreign place

What should you do first if there is an emergency abroad? Most travellers dial the local embassy for assistance but are frequently dismayed to learn that the staff’s authority is constrained. An embassy may not cover any of your travel-related expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, or emergency transportation (apart from extreme calamities that happen infrequently).

Travel insurance covers emergency medical benefits, emergency medical transportation benefits, and coverage for additional unforeseen costs like trip cancellation and damaged or stolen luggage.

  1. Finding reasonably priced travel insurance is simple.

The primary deterrent to purchasing travel insurance is its cost. Spending even a little more on insurance can be challenging when you’ve already spent a lot for a long-awaited cruise or resort holiday.

Many individuals are unaware that insurance can be quite reasonably priced. Companies provide a variety of travel insurance from India options, so you can choose the one that’s ideal for you and your travel plans. Getting an estimate for your upcoming trip and then comparing policies is the easiest approach to finding a reasonably priced travel insurance policy.


A travel insurance policy generally provides the insured person with protection from various dangers related to travel. Given all these benefits, travel insurance is unquestionably essential and could provide financial security for you and your family while you are away from home.

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