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What to Include in a Fun Birthday Invitation Card

A birthday invitation is a great way to share the news of a party with friends and family. Birthday invitations are not just an email or text message; it shows one put thought into planning the event and some effort into making sure people have a good time at it! However, many people get carried away with their invitations only to find out later that there are complicated issues or hard to understand. So what should you include in your invitation? Here are some guidelines:

State the location of the party.

If one hosts their birthday party at a venue, they must include the party location in the invitation. This process will help ensure that guests can find it without issues and know how long it will take them to get there.

If one conducts a backyard barbecue or picnic, include the address and a map on the invitation for people to know where they need to go! Also, ensure they know how much time they should allow themselves to travel (and whether or not there is parking nearby).

Include an RSVP date.

The RSVP date is the date that one wants people to respond by. This date is usually two weeks before the event, but if it is a party for kids or teens and one is still determining how much time they’ll need to plan their costumes, then one should make it three weeks in advance. This process ensures the number of guests coming and preparing accordingly.

Dress code information

One wants to include any dress code information in birthday invitations. This code can be the type of clothes to wear (casual or formal), how formal or informal the party will be, whether there is a theme, and what shoes are appropriate.

The date and time of the event/party

One can do this in a few different ways:

  • Keep the date and time at the top of the invitation card to tell people exactly when it is.
  • Make sure to have some way of reminding guests about what day/time it is (e.g., “We’ll see you there!” or “Don’t forget!”). This process will help them know when they should come and who is coming.

Any other information that people need to know to have a good time at the party

If there’s something particular to the party that would be interesting for guests to know about (for example, if it’s taking place at a museum), it might be worth mentioning this on the invitation card itself. One could also add some information about how long people should expect the party to last; if it’s going until midnight and there’s food at 8 pm sharp, then make sure everyone knows! If there are other details people need to know to enjoy themselves at the birthday celebration, include them here too!

Ensure the invitation reflects the personality and shows off a sense of humour.

Whether sending an invite to closest friends and family or just a few other people, make sure the invitation reflects one’s personality.

  • Include a picture on the card. This process can be as simple as taking a selfie while holding the card or including an old image.
  • Make it funny! Ensure there are jokes on the card that only some people will understand (unless everyone knows them). One could also include puns or references to pop culture for it to be memorable for all those attending the party!
  • Use inside jokes between friends or family members if possible; this will make things more personal for those receiving invitations!