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What are the worrying things about Instagram?

I don’t think you need to say anything new about what Instagram is. I hope you all know more or less about the popular social media platform Instagram. In a word, it is a photo and video sharing app but there is more that can be done with Instagram which is very important for a person. Nowadays, the Instagram platform is at the top of the social media empire. Anyone can choose Instagram as a great place to post interesting photos.

But you have to be careful while using Instagram because there are some people on Instagram who try to defile a good thing. If those who like Instagram want to use Instagram properly and if it does not harm our children then you must know a few things to worry about. I will discuss these concerns step by step below:

  • First you need to know if your account is set to “Public” by default. If a person does not change this in his Instagram settings, his account and his children’s accounts will be automatically set to “public”. Once the accounts are automatically set to “Public”, anyone who posts a photograph of themselves and their children will be able to access it by anyone trolling the Internet, stealing identities, and pedophiles. So when setting up your account and helping your child set up their account, you must make sure that the privacy setting is turned on. Make sure you have your Instagram settings set for posting your photos privately, which is only for Instagram friends and not public.
  • The next thing you need to be aware of is the beauty of Instagram and the ugly competition.  Most teens use hashtags like #beauty contest or #rateme to post pictures of themselves. It can be called this new form of cyberbullying and in many cases it is worrisome.  Young girls are exposing themselves to online predators, and “beauty pageant” contestants are being subjected to unrealistic criticism, praise, and even toxic ridicule. What could be more frustrating for parents than this?
  • Instagram’s general terms include that no user is allowed to post nude, partially nude or sexually explicit images here.  Always stay away from all those pornographic profiles, pictures, videos and keep your kids away from them and be aware.
  • Another thing is that you must beware of dangerous hashtags. Remember that hashtags are a great way to categorize your photos. However, there are a number of dangerous hashtags on Instagram. These hashtags usually promote pornography, violent photos and sites, suicide, self-harm and eating disorders.These hashtags can lead young children to bad and harmful sites.
  • Another important thing is direct messaging. Many times people use Instagram direct messages for their personal conversations. This is a small mailbox at the top right of your home screen that a person can talk to their friends about, but be careful that these messages are not published on Instagram.  People send direct messages for cyber bullying, posting inappropriate pictures and gossiping behind someone’s back.

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