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The Important Role of Email Marketing in Influencer Marketing

Various ways are done by companies and individuals to boost the level of sales of their business. As it is known that there are various kinds of marketing techniques, one way is to create email marketing. Email marketing also plays a very important role in the world of digital marketing or is usually done in influencer marketing. One of them is done by Lauren who has been working as an influencer. There are many things that can be used when someone master’s email marketing.

So, what is meant by email marketing? What are the functions of these marketing techniques and how do they work?

Surely you don’t want to know about this effective marketing technique? The following is a complete explanation of the topic.

Meaning of Email Marketing

Many people ask what email marketing is and examples. Actually, email marketing is a marketing technique using email or electronic mail. This marketing technique is also part of digital marketing because it uses social media and of course can only operate with the help of the internet network. Examples of this marketing technique include emails from companies that offer attractive and cheap tour packages, emails about insurance services, emails about certain business offers, and so on.

Email Marketing Functions

This marketing technique has several functions that certainly bring some benefits to the company. Some of these functions include:

  1. To Promote a Product to Potential Consumers

The marketing team of a company may create an email containing a promotion to introduce a mainstay product or brand to consumers or partners who will be invited to work together. This is because many consumers need complete product information. Therefore it is necessary to promote the product quickly to consumers.

  1. Relieve Promotional Costs

Promotion of a product or brand generally uses advertising media. However, advertising sometimes costs a lot, so email marketing techniques are now the best choice for entrepreneurs. This is because the cost of promotion with email is lower and some are even free.

  1. Increase Engagement with Potential Consumers on Social Media

Engaging means establishing a strong relationship between a brand and its consumers on social media, especially email media. If the relationship is good, then consumers will be satisfied and continue to subscribe to certain products.

  1. Increase Consumer Confidence in a Company

If an email from a company is sent to customers or consumers on a regular basis, it can increase the reputation of the company itself. The company’s marketing team can also add videos or blogs to the email so that consumers will be more confident when using the company’s products.

How to Create Email Marketing

Marketing techniques with email media are actually quite easy to make if you master the tricks. Here are some instructions for marketing your product via email:

  1. Make an Email List from Prospective Customers

So that the creation of emails can be fast and reach tens or even hundreds of potential consumers, it is better for the marketing team to collect a list or email list of these potential customers. This step can save time so the marketing team can do other tasks.

  1. Do Email Segmentation

Email segmentation needs to be done in order to personalize content. This means that the creation of emails can be tailored to the specific age or interest level of each consumer. This is of course more effective because the emails sent can be right on target.

  1. Create Mobile-Friendly Email Content

Currently, many people prefer to use cellphones compared to other gadgets, such as laptops, computers, or tablets. The reason is of course because the use of mobile phones is more practical and easy to carry anywhere. Therefore, create a mobile friendly email so that it is easy to open on the mobile device.

  1. Create a Strategy for the Product Campaign

In this case, the marketing team can send regular and periodic emails to each customer. In addition, it can also send emails automatically to consumers who have just bought a product.

Let’s do another marketing technique using email marketing. It’s easy to make, the promotion costs are cheap, and of course the number of consumers who subscribe to your product is increasing. For more information you can find at