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The Facts You Should Know About Pests

Pests are common in every area. The species varies depending upon the countries they live in and most of us are unaware of their habitation and breeding trends. None of the homes are spared by pests and therefore pest control is important, especially in areas where the infestation is more. Professional technicians not only find the source of the infestation, but they also identify the kind of pest and treat it accordingly.

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Facts About Pests

Less Messy Termites

Despite the damage that termites can do to your property, the environment benefits from their presence. Termites are essential to the degradation of tough plant fibres on Earth. Termites can be quickly destroyed by bacteria and fungi, which is why they spend so much time mending each other to keep the area clean. Termites can detect illnesses while they clean with the help of their antennae.

Bed Bugs Can Hide Faster Than You Think 

Bed bugs inject anaesthetics and anticoagulants into your skin so they can feed and then hide before you are even aware of their presence. The saliva used by bed bugs serves as an anaesthetic, concealing the bite and accelerating the feeding process.

Mosquitoes Love Smelly Feet 

Mosquitoes are drawn to the scents that sweaty feet and socks release. Mosquitoes smell us rather than see us and come buzzing. Soap, deodorant, perfume, and stinky feet can all attract or deter mosquitoes.

Cockroaches Can Live In Any Condition 

Cockroaches can live for more than a week without their head, a month without food, and two weeks without water. If you’ve ever tried to kill a cockroach, you know how resilient they are. They can also survive that. They have six legs, and once they all start moving, they can run for almost two long hauls in an hour.

Some Weird Facts About Pests 

  • More than 5 million kids are allergic to cockroaches.
  • A mature female mite can survive for up to a month while living on a host.
  • Ants can’t chew the food they eat. To extract the juices from the food, they side-move their mouths like a scissor.
  • Bee and wasp stings can cause up to 100 fatalities annually.
  • Scorpions deliver several dozen live kids at a time.
  • Each year, enough food is contaminated and destroyed by rats, which can be used to feed 200 million people.
  • Children and others who already have heart or lung conditions are more vulnerable to the dangers of scorpion stings.
  • Kissing bugs bite and suck the blood of their human or animal host while they are sleeping.
  • The knees of crickets allow them to hear.
  • The most prevalent cockroach in and around residences, stores, restaurants, and supermarkets is the German cockroach. Cockroaches have a maximum speed of three miles per hour.
  • The Africanized Honey Bee or the Killer Bee has been known to chase people for more than a quarter of a mile once they become agitated and hostile.

These facts are weird but enough for an individual to understand why it is best to keep pests away from homes and businesses. Hire a reliable pest control service that can find the root cause of infestation and eliminate it permanently.