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The Best Smart Home Security Devices for your Smart Home

With the technology brought forward by smart home devices, homeowners can now easily control and monitor their households from miles away through their smartphone devices, and within their homes via voice commands too. Smart home devices have definitely made life easy, with things like smart door locks, smart sprinklers or even a smart pet feeder for that matter.

Though smart devices are usually lauded for their easy home automation features, when it comes down to security for your home, smart security options are considerably better and much more efficient as compared to the traditional security devices like wired fences and trip sensors. Ranging from smart cameras to smart door locks, there is something for every homeowner out there with varying prices – fitting your budget and needs effectively might we add.

So what are some of the best smart devices for home security use? We’ve listed down 3 of the commonly sought-after smart home devices that are ideal to add to your home security system. Read about them here.

  1. Smart Doorbells

You must be wondering how a doorbell can get any smarter. Technology has revolutionized everyday tasks, and something as simple as answering and opening the door is one of them. With smart doorbells, users can easily see who might be at their door through their smartphone devices without even going to the door or having to be at home! Sounds unreal, we know.

It’s not uncommon for packages to be swiped from your doorstep or to have an unwanted guest at your front door; with a smart video doorbell, you can easily catch the package thief or ignore that neighbor or salesperson.

Smart video doorbells have cameras that can differentiate between humans, animals, vehicles, and objects and alert the users accordingly. Some video doorbells even have the ability to start recording even before the doorbell has been rung, besides allowing for people to view the live footage as well. With built-in speakers and microphones installed in these doorbells, users can even communicate directly with the person outside.

What’s more, these devices even allow pre-recorded messages to be played when you can’t answer yourself. For instance, recording a message like “thank you, please leave it by the door” and instructing the doorbell to play it when the milkman arrives, or manually choosing a pre-recorded message through your smartphone device makes everything a lot easier without the person ever knowing whether you’re at home or away, thereby maintaining your privacy and safety.

Smart Video Doorbells like the Google Nest Hello provide excellent video quality with an effective night mode and a wide-angle camera. With a monthly subscription, users can even use their face recognition features as well!

  1. Smart Cameras

Smart cameras, unlike the usual surveillance cameras not only provide access to the live video footage through their associated smartphone applications, but they provide high-definition video with night vision as well as facial recognition features with some variants – along with alerts directly sent to our smartphones upon detecting any activity.

Promising to provide around-the-clock access to the video feed from wherever you are and the ability to communicate through a built-in speaker and microphone, a smart camera helps protect everyone within the household. Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor smart camera, it provides users with built-in motion sensors and technology that can differentiate between animals, people and objects, so you’ll easily be able to watch over your household without having to worry while you’re away.

Smart Cameras also come in wired and battery-operated variants, making installation and setup pretty simple. It also allows homeowners to hide cameras in discreet corners, and not have to worry about installing them outdoors since they are weatherproof.

  1. Smart Locks

Like smart cameras and smart doorbells, smart locks provide users with the safety of knowing what happens from almost anywhere, thanks to their smartphone application. The fact that homeowners are also able to control the device with simple voice commands makes everything much more accessible and a smoother process. You could be busy in the kitchen and have your connected voice assistant unlock the door so your guests can come in.

Smart locks are available in different variants and with multiple features. Some feature a keypad, a keycard, and some may even require your fingerprint to unlock the door, while there are those that can unlock and lock through smartphone applications. However, they all promise to fulfill one feature: safety and security.

With smart locks, users can quickly gain information on when the lock has been disengaged and on the lock status too, as well as having the ability to let others in through a voice command or by generating temporary passcodes for guests. If you’re not home and need someone to check up on your pet, you can easily lend your neighbor the temporary passcode, or just use the smartphone app to unlock the door as well.

These 3 devices are your best bet, and affordable means of keeping your homes safe. As for the price range, smart devices may sound expensive but there are some that are quite reasonably priced – and well, consider them an investment into your home after all! Head on over to and browse through their smart home catalog. You’ll know what we’re talking about!