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The Advantages Of Acrylic Laminates Over Other Types

We love laminates for their durability and multipurpose functionality. They can contribute to a remarkable transformation of interior decor. Plus, the variety in designs and textures in the laminates can help improve the entire house’s charm. So, we always love to opt for these wonderful surface layers. When you’re looking for a unique and distinctive design for your house, you may also search for a durable yet beautiful material. So, the first thing that crosses our minds is a wood laminate. But while you need to install different laminates in your home, you can opt for different decorative laminates.

But, you may not need to install digital laminates for maintenance and durability concerns in places like kitchens and kids’ rooms. The materials of standard laminates would help to reduce maintenance and fragility. Therefore, we need to put some long-lasting laminates that don’t need much maintenance. One of the best options for a durable and moisture-resistant surface layer is acrylic laminates. The acrylics are specially curated for places which are exposed to a high range of wear and tear along with moisture.

Here let’s find out why you need to install the acrylic laminates for better effects over other types.

What are Acrylic Laminates?

If you’re looking for a proper kitchen cabinet covering, the reflective and glossy sheets of acrylic laminates are one of the most appropriate options. These laminates are similar to polymer fibre and lacquer. The durable option in the laminates will help your kitchen protect from different stains and spills. Moreover, the laminates add some glossy sheen and reflective factors to your kitchen and other rooms. The acrylic laminates are used in different spaces like kitchens, bedrooms and study rooms. In the doors and windows of the rooms and even in the wardrobe, acrylic laminates can be installed. Acrylic can add some gloss with a touch of durability to the furniture and rooms.

Why is it special?

We love laminates for adding preferred lux and glamour. With the acrylic laminate finish, you can complete the look of high-end kitchens. You can get an appropriate visual space along with a nice appeal. Acrylics are better options in those places where we need glossy and reflective surfaces. If you think that colour laminates are the only option to add creativity and fun vibes to the room, acrylics will be a better option.


You can use acrylic laminates as a replacement for glossy laminates. The acrylic laminates’ reflective surface would help improve colour and patterns. The designs and colours are wide in range for the acrylic laminates. So you can easily incorporate the acrylics in different places in your house. Additionally, the acrylics would be available in variations of price range also.


One of the best things about acrylics is the low-maintain factor. These are water and moisture-resistant, preventing your kitchen from transforming into a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. The laminates are also UV-protective. The acrylics can prevent the surface from dirt, scratches and oil spills. With easy wiping and cleaning, the laminates can help you to maintain cleanliness.


Acrylic laminates offer a high-end appearance in your home. Therefore, acrylics are the best economical option. They are available in various colours and textures, with the added benefit of increased durability. If money isn’t an issue, nothing says class like acrylic laminates. The acrylic finish can give you a striking look at a significantly low cost and make your interior budget-friendly. So, without compromising appeal and appearance,  the acrylics would give you a proper shine and gloss to decorate your home.

Where to find the best acrylic laminates?

Acrylic laminates are one of the unique ways to spruce up your space. One of the reasons for choosing acrylic laminates is it is not all that common yet. That makes acrylic laminates so rare and offbeat that they can create a true avant-garde look for your space.

Royalé Touché has one of the most extensive collections of acrylic laminates. Our laminates are versatile yet high-performance. They are highly durable, abrasion-resistant and come with a smooth finish. If you go through our laminate catalogue, you will see a wide range of laminates standing with pride. For more information about laminates, you can visit our website.