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Most Popular Japanese Names

My mom once said to me, “Son, when I gave birth to you, you were the only thing I couldn’t take my eyes off from and right then I started thinking of the cutest name I could assign to you, to be at your service”. It was at that moment that I understood the true essence of name giving.

See? She not only wanted to give me a name but one that would be the “cute” and be at my service. Those words really mean a lot. The point is, naming your baby isn’t just about naming them alone, it’s about ensuring that there’s something that brings an outward reflection of their cuteness and that would also represent them well because they’re going to have to live with their names forever.

This is why we have decided to coin out some beautiful cute names that you can assign to your babies but on this section, our focus would be on Beautiful Japanese Names. Here, we have taken out time to deliver to you, a List of Japanese Names for you to choose from and I tell you, this list contains a series of some of the Most Popular Japanese Names you can come across.

Let’s go into Japanese Baby Girl Names shall we? Alright so there are Common Japanese Girl Names for the little angels for those parents who prefer to keep it very simple. And then there are the Japanese Female Names that go on to just highlight the pride of having a beautiful baby girl. Japanese First Names are really what you need if you have issues with a choice of first names to make and they’re here too.

Unique and Cute Japanese Names are also not left out of the mix just in case you’re that parent that wants some little toppings of the extra on your baby.

How could we have forgotten about Japanese Male Names? As a matter of fact, we didn’t. Have you got a son? We didn’t leave you out as you would also find Japanese Baby Boy Names for your little prince charming. Japanese Boy Names, just like that of the girls come in handy and because you might have too many to pick from, we’re glad we’ve been able to bring loads of them to one place for your convenience. If you would like to include some bit of spice, Cool Japanese Boy Names would just be what you need but if your boy is too cute that you want an equally cute name, you can browse through the Cute Japanese Boy Names section.

If you want to go further and want to know the meaning of the names you’re giving to your baby which is by the way very okay, we also have the categories Japanese Girl Names and Boy Names with Meanings just so there’s a balance created between you naming your child and also you ensuring that there’s a real meaning of their names triggered by some reason you hold close to heart.