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Introducing BBQs 2u’s Best Collection of Kamado Joe Classic Series

March is a combination season of Sunny and cloudy days. It is the perfect month for Britons to barbecue around. Nothing is exciting as grilling a burger and steak outdoors with kids playing around and friends and family gossiping.

Keeping this in mind BBQs 2u, a leading barbecues company in the UK keeps the best brands in their store for their regular and potential customers.

BBQs 2u is the most reliable and trustable franchise in the UK. For decades they have been selling the best barbecue brands to their customers.

Nothing is missed from their site, whether it is the latest Masterbuilt Gravity series or any new barbecue accessories or dips in the market. You will find it first on their online store at a reasonable price.

They are known for their exquisite collection of the Kamado Joe series. Whether it is the classic series or the Big Green Joe, they have everything related to Kamado Joe in their store.

Their online store has a separate Kamado Joe category including all features and benefits of the traditional Asian egg-shaped grill.

Kamado is a reliable, versatile, and durable brand. Though the dome-shaped grillers are made of ceramic, their huge containers keep all products fresh and retain their nutrition.

The Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs are quite in demand for their size, portability, versatility, and the number of accessories that come in one package.

Kamado Joe – Classic Joe

The Kamado Classic Joe can never be out of sight or mind thanks to features such as SS cooking grates, a slide-out drawer for ash, the adaptable Cooking System of Divide and Conquer series, and KJ’s brilliant AMP firebox. The 18 inches diameter of the cooking area is just perfect for small gatherings.

BBQs 2u offers at least a 4% to 10% discount on every Kamado Joe accessory bundle. The BBQs 2u is not just a regular Kamado Joe dealer, but they are considered as an Elite dealer of the Kamado Joe series.

This is why they are the first ones to receive all the KJ products for sale, the moment they hit the market. Some of the Kamado Joe models may be a little expensive, but they also have some affordable classic models suitable for a small family.

Kamado Joe – Classic II

Kamado Joe – Classic II BBQs is one of the attractions which beats any other Kamado Joe classic models. The ceramic walls of Classic II retain heat properly and can withstand temperatures up to 750 Fahrenheit. The Classic II model is available with a bunch of accessories like an ash removal tool, side shelves, an in-built thermometer, etc.

The grill works on charcoal, so it is easy to adjust the temperature from moderate heat to high temperature. The best part about the model is the wheel stand that makes it portable.

The size can fit in your garage, outdoor patio, or lawn. Some of the tiny details like the rubber seal around the lid, the ceramic dome shape, and the airlift hinge make it an exclusive masterpiece.

Being an Elite dealer of Kamado Joe, BBQs 2u is always loaded with the band’s latest products and accessories. Needless to say, their affordable and discount rate is their USP which has given them several loyal customers.

This season, if you’re thinking out-of-the-box celebration, consider BBQs 2u online catalogue to explore some of their exciting items.