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How to Select the Perfect Pukhraj Gemstone?

If you are looking for the perfect pukhraj gemstone, you have come to the right place. Pukhraj gemstones are highly sought after due to their excellent astrological properties and ability to bring wealth, prosperity and good health. But with so many options available, choosing the right pukhraj gemstone can be a difficult task. Here, we will share a few tips to help you select the perfect pukhraj gemstone from KhannaGems.

What is Pukhraj Gemstone?

Pukhraj gemstone is a magnificent gemstone closely associated with Jupiter, considered one of the most auspicious planets in Vedic Astrology. This gemstone is primarily composed of the mineral corundum and is known to bring wealth, property, good fortune, prosperity and good health to its wearer. Pukhraj gemstones come in different sizes, shapes, and colours, ranging from yellow to orange, blue to pink and green to purple.

Importance of Authenticity

When buying a pukhraj gemstone, you must verify its authenticity. Make sure the stone is natural and not synthetic, as synthetic stones do not have the same astrological powers as natural pukhraj gemstones. Ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller and ensure that an accredited gem lab or institution issues it.

Understanding the Shape and Size

When buying a pukhraj gemstone, it is important to pay attention to the shape and size of the stone. Ideally, the shape of the stone should be round or oval, as these are considered the most auspicious shapes. Additionally, the size of the stone should not be too large or too small, as this can affect its astrological effects.

Choosing the Right Weight

The weight of the pukhraj gemstone is also important when buying a stone. Generally speaking, the ideal weight of the stone should be between 3 to 5 carats, depending on the individual wearer. Additionally, the weight of the stone should not be too light or too heavy, as both can reduce the stone’s effectiveness.

Examining the Color

The colour of the pukhraj gemstone is very important, as each gemstone has different levels of vibrational energy. Generally speaking, the most powerful and effective pukhraj gemstones are yellow or golden. However, blue and pink stones are also known to be auspicious.

Taking into account The Treatments

Often, pukhraj gemstones are subjected to treatments to enhance their colour and appearance. These treatments are generally not recommended because they can affect the astrological powers of the stone. It is best to opt for an untreated stone, as this will be more powerful and effective.

Knowing Your Rashi

Before buying a pukhraj gemstone, it is important to know your Rashi to ensure the stone is suitable. Different people have different Rashi, and the stone chosen should correspond with your Rashi to be effective.

Consulting an Expert

Consulting a knowledgeable and experienced gemologist can help to ensure that you get the perfect pukhraj gemstone for your requirements. A good gemologist can advise you on the best type of stone for you and ensure that the stone you buy is authentic.

Consider the Cost

When buying a pukhraj gemstone, it is important to consider the cost. The cost of the stone will depend on its size, shape, weight, supply, and market demand. Generally speaking, larger, higher-quality stones will cost more than smaller, lower-quality ones.

Buying From Trustworthy Sources

Finally, make sure you buy your pukhraj gemstone from a trustworthy and reliable source. A good seller will provide you with a quality stone, certificates of authenticity and reliable customer service. They will also provide guidance and advice on caring for your gemstone and making the most of its benefits.

The Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Pukhraj Gemstone

The Pukhraj Gemstone is believed to bring increased wealth and prosperity to its wearer. It is thought to attract wealth and blessings from sources like the Universe, the heavenly gods, and even nature itself. In astrology, it is known as the ‘wealth stone’ because it can help to attract wealth to its wearer. It also brings good luck and opportunities for financial success. As a result, it can be a powerful tool in helping an individual to achieve financial goals and a higher level of wealth.

Improved Health and Well-Being

Another astrological benefit of wearing a Pukhraj Gemstone is that it can help to improve one’s health and well-being. It is believed to bring improved physical health and emotional stability to its wearer. Additionally, it is seen as a way to reduce feelings of ill health, fatigue, and other negative physical and mental health problems. Some people even claim that it can bring relief from chronic pain and energy imbalances.

Relief From Anxiety and Stress

The Pukhraj Gemstone is believed to provide relief from anxiety and stress. It is said to help its wearer to clear the mind and focus on the present moment. This clarity can allow them to make better decisions and find peace of mind, allowing them to cope with challenging situations. Additionally, it can help to calm mental stress and bring a sense of mental clarity.

Increased Luck and Good Fortune

The Pukhraj Gemstone is believed to bring increased luck and good fortune to its wearer. This luck can manifest in many ways, such as bringing success to business ventures, seeing opportunities arise, and even finding love. It is thought to influence the vibrations in an individual’s life, helping bring the good luck they need. Additionally, it can help to manifest wealth, health, and happiness.

Improved Communication and Social Skills

The Pukhraj Gemstone can also positively affect an individual’s communication and social skills. It is thought to bring clarity and understanding in communication and enhance empathy and understanding of others. This can be beneficial for those who are seeking more fulfilling relationships. Additionally, it can help to attract friends and positively affect their relationships with those around them.

Improved Relationships

The Pukhraj Gemstone is also said to help improve relationships. It is said to bring a deeper understanding between couples and help them build a strong connection. Additionally, it can bring a sense of harmony and peace in relationships and marriages. This can also help to reduce conflicts and arguments, creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding.

Reduced Fears

The Pukhraj Gemstone can help to reduce fears and anxieties. It is believed to bring about a greater sense of confidence and security, allowing the wearer to tackle difficult situations with courage. Additionally, it can bring courage in the face of failure and help its wearer believe in themselves and their abilities.

Improved Work Performance

The Pukhraj Gemstone can also help to bring improved work performance. By reducing feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress, it can help its wearer to focus and bring about greater productivity. Additionally, it can increase creativity and enhance problem-solving skills, which can be useful in finding solutions to difficult tasks.

Increased Knowledge and Wisdom

The Pukhraj Gemstone can bring increased knowledge and wisdom to its wearer. It is believed to open their spiritual awareness, helping them to gain deeper insights into the mysteries of life and the world. Additionally, it can be useful in unlocking one’s inner potential, giving them the courage and confidence to expand their knowledge and experience.

Improved Overall Well-Being

Finally, wearing a Pukhraj Gemstone can help to bring improved overall well-being to its wearer. It can help reduce stress, anger, and fatigue and create a greater sense of stability. Additionally, it can help to bring about an overall sense of joy and contentment in life, allowing an individual to take on life’s challenges confidently.


These tips should help you find the perfect pukhraj gemstone for your needs. With the help of these tips, you should be able to get the best value for your money and reap the rewards of owning a powerful and auspicious pukhraj gemstone.