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How long do marijuana seeds take to grow into plants?

Growing marijuana plants from seeds takes energy and time. However, the first-growers become impatient and like to know- How much time will marijuana seeds take to grow into roots? Ask this question to professional growers. No one can give you a single answer. Several factors are affecting the overall time to get plants and buds. It can take weeks and months. The setup, growth conditions, and strains are some relevant factors to your marijuana cultivation. However, the most important factor is to find the Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds. When the seed quality is low, you may notice a difference.

Preparation time- 0 to 4 weeks

Your indoor environment may be ready for marijuana cultivation. In that case, you do not need to waste time on preparation. The preparation time will vary based on your needs and the source of your seeds. You should also have potting containers and other kits for growth.

 Germination time

The seeds can come to life within a week and start sprouting. Your seeds turn out to be saplings during this period. Growers apply different germination techniques. In most cases, they use damp kitchen paper for the seeds’ base. To save time, some growers use germination stimulators. However, based on the strain, you will find a difference in the germination process. Fertility, age, and quality of your seeds are important. Thus, you must know where to buy marijuana seeds.

Saplings take 24 to 72 hours for 100% sprouting. However, it may take 15 days for this process. The temperature level must range from 21 to 24ºC.

 Time for marijuana growth- 

You have already transplanted your saplings, and it begins their growth period. Let them grow into proper size and shape. At this time, your plants need more light. Plants should contact light for at least 18 hours every day. Moreover, light is essential for the photosynthesis process. However, hours of darkness also play a role in the metabolic activities of plants.

The growth of autoflowering plants is faster compared to feminized plants. You can use stronger lights for speedier growth. The autoflowering plants need 3 to 4 weeks for indoor growth, while feminized strains take 6 to 8 weeks.

Outdoor feminized and regular seeds need 9 weeks for the growing process.

 Flowering period

During this period, the plants show their distinct characteristics. When the plants look weak after a month of germination, you must let them continue their growth.

However, at the end of the flowering period, you have to check out the appearance of the buds.

You can now buy the best-quality seeds for the growth of marijuana. But, the genetics of seeds can make a difference in the growth rate. The hybrids and Indica-dominant strains grow faster than Sativa. You have to be careful while choosing the strain when you need the fastest result. Moreover, it is better to learn some cultivation techniques that help grow marijuana from seeds within the shortest time.