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Exciting and amazing things to do in Denver

Who does not like to enjoy must-see tourist places all around the world? Of course, everyone who love travelling and exploring great places. Travelling is amazing that helps break your monotonous routine and dwell you into the world of excitement and new adventures. Here in this guide, we are going to mention top vacation spots that you can explore in Denver. There are so many amazing and exciting things to do in Denver that you can find out in this guide below:

Botanical garden:

There are so many travel lovers who seek peace and relax while they visit a new place. Botanical garden in Denver is loaded with natural things where you can enjoy peaceful walk and see amazing species of plants. It covers 24 acres land where you can see pools, many sculptures and various types of gardens.

Denver Art Museum:

This is popular art-related location that you can visit with your family and friends. You can get an opportunity to see amazing work of art. It has two buildings where you can see this gorgeous collection from various artists. The building has an amazing and wow architecture and it is a worth-visiting place when you are in Denver. If you are an art fan, you cannot afford to miss this place.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway:

Situated on highway 5 of Colorado, this is an amazing spot with stunning views. You can rent a cab and drive to the top of the tallest Summit Lake Road.

Denver Zoo:

It was opened in 1890s and you can see more than 4000 species of animals here. This is something that can make you happy and amazed at the same time. You can get an opportunity to see birds, aquatic creatures, reptiles, mammals and more. There are lots of activities that you can enjoy.

Tattered Cover Book Store:

If you are a book lover and have lots of free time, then you should go with it. This bookstore was opened in 1971 and located at the best location.  You can enjoy warm coffee and great books in a wonderful ambiance.

Cheesman Park:

If you want to visit haunted place, then this is the popular spot.  It covers 80 acres area and has a scary reputation.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This is most awesome and popular place to visit and you should also make the most of its scenic beauty.

Downtown aquarium:

There are so many people in the world who love aquatic animals and they want to see and observe them. Downtown aquarium gives you an opportunity to live your dream. This is the home of different aquatic animals and a million gallons of water. You even get chance to see endangered animals like Sumatran tigers. You can also make the most of some programs like Dive with shark or swim with the fish. It will make you excited and you will surely feel adrenaline rush in body.

These are the top things that you can enjoy. There are many other attractions that include city park, Denver mint, Denver Museum of nature and science, Washington park, the room of the lost things and more. You can find everything here. Whether you are a solo traveller or love to travel with family, this place is safe to travel.