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Choosing The Right Trademark Attorney For Your Company

The first question that pops up in almost everybody’s mind is, do you need a Trademark Attorney?

Yes, absolutely.

When you have a Trademark Attorney, the amount that you spend on the attorney will automatically pay for itself in the long run. A licensed Trademark Attorney will give you an amazing range of services. Every month, thousands of trademarks get turned down due to one reason or the other. When you have a Trademark Attorney, you limit the likelihood of this happening.

Even if accepted, the issued rights can be challenged at Court level, and forcibly removed by the Court.

A Trademark Attorney will also help you enforce the trademark rights in case someone infringes your trademark. Trademark attorneys are also very knowledgeable about intellectual property rights. If you live in Sydney, Australia, you can either get an IP attorney in Sydney for your intellectual property rights or go with your Trademark Attorney.

Your Trademark Attorney will also be responsible for offering services about filing your trademark application, evaluating the trademark you have chosen and defending against any refusal of your brand. Your Trademark Attorney will help you figure out if there are already existing trademarks that may keep you from getting registered for the said trademark. It will be the Attorney’s role to review the description and the look of a trademark so that it does not get rejected.

How to find a Trademark Attorney?

If you live in Sydney, you can search for Trademark Attorney Australia on google and conduct your enquiries through various websites of different Trademark Attorneys. Alternatively, you can also look for an IP law firm Sydney. IP law firms usually have Trademark Lawyers or Trademark Attorneys as a part of the firm.

Finding the right Trademark Attorney


Degrees are important, but experience has a different level of significance. An experienced attorney will be aware of the errors and pitfalls of the trademark registration process. They will tell you the errors beforehand so that you don’t get stuck later. They can sometimes predict if you are wasting your time applying, only to find out that the 8 month process rejects your application.

Licenced and educated

You may find non-legal professionals who offer their services to you. Only go for a person who is licenced. A licenced person will completely understand trademark laws and provide you with the best legal advice on the risks and benefits.

Keeps you updated

Trademark registration takes time. Sometimes it may even take longer than a year if Adverse Reports are issued by the Trademark Office, or oppositions are raised by competitors who believe that your trademark is too close to theirs. Your attorney should be willing to keep you in the loop about what is going on.

Committed to the work

Verify that your attorney will handle the registration. The attorney is responsible for supervising every registration process, like preparing the application and reviewing it before sending it out.

Kind of support the attorney can offer

If you want an international trademark registration, you will have to understand the differences in international trademark laws. Your Trademark Attorney will be working with you on these and advise you if you are taking the wrong steps.

Make sure you arrange an interview with the attorney before you decide on whom to hire so that you can get the best possible attorney for your company, depending on your needs and capabilities.