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An Overview of TDS Internet Services

Twenty-seven states are covered by TDS Telecom’s service area. For both internet and television, TDS, like the majority of the country’s telephone providers, utilizes the wire network to the fullest extent possible. Through this network, the company offers internet access as well as a cable TV network that serves 11 states.

TDS’ service is primarily geared toward residents of rural and suburban areas. However, it does extend to some of the most densely populated urban areas. High-speed internet is now available in 22 states thanks to a fiber optics network being added to TDS’s resources.

The number of DSL customers outnumbers fiber and cable internet customers by a significant margin. For DSL internet service providers, it is the ninth-largest in the United States as of September 2013. The ADSL protocol is used for this service because it offers more download bandwidth than upload bandwidth. It’s the most common method of delivering broadband internet services.

Telephone and Data Systems, Inc., or TDS, is the full name of the parent company. Chicago-based TDS was founded in 1969 as a local telephone company. Residential services are handled by a branch in Madison, Wisconsin.

With TDS, you can get all of your internet, TV, and phone services in one convenient package.

The company allows a money-back option within 30 days.

For speeds of up to 1Gbps, there is no contract and no installation fees.

No data caps.

In order to help those with a smaller budget, the service is less expensive.

Problems with TDS

Small pockets of coverage can be found all over the place.

There is a wide variation in pricing and quality of service from location to location.

TDS has the best service in those areas, thanks to a fiber-optic network. Branches of the network can be found in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Vermont, Utah, Virginia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, amongst other places.

Even though a majority of the company’s customers live in rural areas, the company’s fiber network only reaches a few urban areas within the service area it serves. As a result, the vast majority of TDS customers are unable to take advantage of these incredible Gigabit service levels.

TDS relies heavily on state and federal government subsidies and concessions to expand its rural service area. The fiber-optic cable will not be profitable even with government assistance. Copper telephone wire connections are used to deliver internet service in these areas.

Its fiber-optic network is being rapidly expanded in urban areas thanks to the FCC’s Connect America Fund. TDS has a ten-year plan to expand its fiber network.

For two years, TDS internet service has been offering a discount on its internet service and bundle rates for customers. But customers are under no obligation to sign a contract in this instance. According to the headline, there are no contracts being imposed on customers. There is a service agreement. However, that serves as a contract.

In this contract, the company is held to a higher standard of care than the customer is. The primary stipulation of the deal is a discount for the first two years, which is typical $10 on internet-only plans and $20 on internet, TV, and phone bundles.

TDS’s most popular bundles include either 1 Gbps or 300 Mbps fiber internet and 125 or 190 channels of television entertainment. A landline isn’t necessary to get one of these, but it would be nice.

The government-sponsored Lifeline program offers discounted TDS internet plans to low-income families. The Lifeline program accepts applications from families and individuals in need of financial assistance. A person must meet various criteria to be eligible for the Lifeline option in different states. Participants in the program can save $9.25 per month on their internet subscription fees if they meet certain criteria.

TDS’s Customer Service

Each customer receives an email address from TDS. Emails sent to that address can be found on the TDS website. Customer-only sections of the website require a user ID and password. Access to the account’s home page is restricted to the account’s primary owner only. Customers have access to a home page where they can submit support tickets, track technician responses, look at bills, and pay in real-time for those tickets.

Customers can use a free phone number provided by TDS to contact TDS’s call center for no charge. The accounts and sales teams can also be contacted via email for assistance with technical issues. You can use the website’s built-in chat feature for customer service and sales inquiries. You can only get help with a chat service during regular business hours if you run into an issue.

The TDS website’s customer support section houses a searchable knowledge base. These how-to manuals and step-by-step troubleshooting plans are available to customers for self-help use.