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All You Need To Know About Linzhi Phoenix

Are you in the Cryptocurrency market and looking for a way to make a huge return on your investment? Yes, this is pretty obvious. That is why we are working on the latest technology to help you get what you want. We are a China-based startup working for the last four years to find the best miners for you to get a handsome return from the market. We, at linzhi, focus on Ethereum and Ethereum classic ASIC miners. We have been researching how to give you miners at a reasonable price so that you don’t think twice before grabbing them. Well, we have good news for you. We have cracked exactly what we wanted to do.

What Is Linzhi Phoenix All About?

We claim Linzhi Phoenix is the most powerful and most profitable Ethash ASIC miner globally. We are sure you will tell the same thing once you use it. The power consumption of this miner is as low as 3kw per hour. This is operating at the hash rate of 2600MH/s. Noise level can reach up to 80 DB. We have tested that it can mine up to 300$ in ETH per day. Our product, linzhi phoenix, can be run in “Zombie Mode”. It has 8GB VRAM, which makes it capable of mining Ethereum when the DAG is over 4.4 GB. We have gone through many use cases and found this miner is bug-free. This can generate 50 ETH in a year which effectively means $100,000 in USD.

How Can You Get Your Linzhi Phoenix?

Oh! Are you thinking now when we will launch this product in the market? Let us tell you that the wait is over and we are ready to sell this product in the market. So this is available for you now on our website. If you are worried about who can guide you to operate this, we have demo videos available on our website. You can watch it for free. We make it available for you to get the feel of our product and then grab it for you. We have made the product available even for the wholesale market. You will gain considerable discounts on large unit purchases. So, we are not only providing our product to consumers but also to businessmen.

We also want to tell you that we started receiving complaints from different customers that many fraud websites are claiming ownership of the same product. But this product is solely made and owned by us. So, don’t be trapped in any fraud. If you see any different website similar to us, report to us. We will take appropriate action. You can also get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding our product.

To End With:

So, what are you waiting for now? Visit our website, watch our demo videos and order our product before it is sold out! Make your fortune with us!