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A Profit Winning product for FBA Amazon

The whole story of making money with Amazon FBA business model depends on the product which is listed on Amazon for sale. If the product is not selling, then there would be not profits, instead, the money which is invested in case of selling that product on Amazon would be lost as well. So, along with the decision of selling with Amazon, the decision of deciding on the right product is equally important.

Here is the best strategy which will help you get a product which will be able to make maximum sales and thus generating a good revenue and a good revenue will give you good profit margins as well. Start analyzing your product on the terms which are discussed below:

Price of the Product- The price of the product should be in between 15$ and 45$. Setting the product price in this range will benefit you in a number of ways. First, you can initiate your wholesale business with least investment. Second, the risk of huge loses is also least with this price range. Third, you would not be having high returns from your customers. Usually customers go to avail the return policy if they had paid a lot. In case of small amount, customer either don’t give a bad review or return the product. To find more information about importance of branding, you should try ZonBase: An All-In-One Amazon Seller Software for Amazon sales

Size of the Product- The size of the product you would be selling should be small so that Amazon will charge minimum as shipping and storage from you. The small size which comes under 18 inches in all of dimensions of the package and weight under 5 pounds is considered a small product. For weight and size crossing the above limit would be charged more by Amazon. So, better to go with a small sized product initially with low investment.

Rating and Review of the Product– The product you would be selling at Amazon should be rated above 4.2 star by the buyers. A product has been rated below 4.2 means the product is not satisfactory and is under rated by the real buyers. In case of reviews, a product having low reviews means that the competition would be low in market among the buyers. A product having high number of reviews means a lot of people have purchased and provided with their review at the listing page of Amazon. So, it’s better to go for a satisfying product which a low competition available among the seller of that product.

Revenue Generated by the Product- The sellers who are already selling the same product should be having a good monthly revenue. A high and good revenue means the product is being purchased by a lot of people. This means there is a good demand for the product and you can convert someone else buyers with best-selling strategies in future.

Having a Google Trend Over 25- Google trend is a graph set by google with the statistics available from at least last five years and it show the trend of the demand for any specific product over time. If the graph lies over 25 points, then the trend of the product is good and having a good demand as well.

In this way you can get with your winning product and start your own FBA Business. If you are unable to get the product statistics, then has the right solution for you.