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8 Remote Working Jobs for New Grads or Those With Minimal Work Experience

Remote work – comes with plenty of benefits. We would not have known about the comfort of working from home if it was not for the pandemic. And mind you, we are not giving credit to the coronavirus outbreak for anything positive in the world but the fact that the biggest work transition happened after the deadly virus outbreak is also hard to ignore. When our offices had no choice but to send the majority of the employee back home we knew something difficult yet amazing is coming our way. And so it happened. The remote work intrigued us to live where we

no longer needed to wake up so early, dress up every day, take the dreading commute to work and then return back to home only to have some hours of peace to ourselves. However remote work did introduce us to internet connectivity issues, home distraction, not having work and home life balance, and a lot more challenges. Nevertheless, remote work jobs are a lot better than office jobs. But the truth is that remote jobs require experience and years of practice, so you might be thinking that how can someone with minimal experience and a new graduate can lend one?

Well, the job search platform Flex Jobs has helped us out to create a list of top 8 jobs that can fit in this case. The remote jobs do not require years of experience and practice. However, it will still need the best TV and internet deals at your home so that you can perform your best remotely.

  1. Administrative Assistant

For a fresh graduate and someone with minimal work experience to land a job as an administrative assistant. All you need to have clear communication skills and work efficiency that will help your impress potential employers and potential clients.

  1. Customer Service Representative

Do you have the ability to calmly handle customer issues? If yes, then you can become part of the customer representative team. Other than having a calm and composed personality you need to be good with communication and typing.

  1. Data Entry

One of the simplest jobs out there. You might have heard people around you suggesting you to have a job in data entry. This is because they are aware of the simple requirements for this position. The data entry position involves having a person that can enter data into the system. Yes, it is as simple as it sounds. You might also put data into some kind of a secure file system that also has crucial information with clerical activities. Therefore, you need to take this position seriously.

  1. Interpreter

An interpreter needs to translate verb files into written documents. An interpreter performs their duty by using video to interpret virtually and then proofread and clean up the translated files.

  1. Sales Representative

Are you familiar with the call center environment? If not then you might have someone who is. A call center or an institution that takes inbound calls or makes outbound call to sell a service or product requires a sales representative. A sales representative is an entry-level sales position that typically handles the calls and indulges in a conversation with potential clients to sell a product or a service.

  1. Social Media Evaluator

If you are a young graduate then there is a high chance of you being good with social media. If you want to improve your social media skills then you can try your luck as a social media evaluator. Social media evaluators evaluate the relevance and quality of the information found in search results, news feeds, and ads.

  1. Tech Support

The tech support person has to troubleshoot the problems that customers are facing. If you are someone that has the ability to walk the customer through solutions, explain to them the complications they are facing in the easy-to-understand language then you can try your luck as tech support.

  1. Travel Consultant

Are you someone who is often advised to become a travel consultant by thinking you have the skills? Well, if you are good with people and have the ability to understand their traveling needs then all you need is to get good at learning a new software program that can help you qualify for a remote travel consultant position.

Overcome hurdles

New graduates and people who have little experience of working face a lot of hurdles when applying for jobs. One of the main hurdles is not having enough confidence in themselves. You need to overcome all the insecurities and try your best to score a good position in a good firm.