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13 Amazing Places To Visit In Albania

Albania, a little and unseen nation, is the ideal spot to come and visit the excellent regular scenes. On the off chance that you need to find views here is a list of the places here is a rundown of the spots that should be voyaged.

Shala River

Shala stream otherwise called the secret heaven of Albania and furthermore the Albanian Thailand is perhaps the most wonderful objections of this country. Found inside the Albanian Alps this objective is just reachable by boat. To go there you should follow the way to Vau I Dejes and afterward take the boat to Lake Koman. Mid year is ideal for an excursion in Shala waterway and experience the beautie of the nature.

The Blue Eye, Theth

The Blue Eye of Theth is a magnificient destionation. It is situated down on Kaprre, the name of the lovely town in the Alps. To show up at the Blue Eye you should go through the uncommon beautie of Grunas cascade. The outside air and the all encompassing perspective are only a piece of what expects you when you show up in the objective. While you are there you can appreciate the excellence of the Blue Eye and there is likewise a spot made by woods where you can sit and appreciate the peacefulness.

The Blue Eye, Saranda

Thought about a characteristic gem, the miracle of Blue Eye in Albania, pulls in so numerous vacationer from around the world. A mainstream vacation spot, the unmistakable blue water of the stream bubbles forward from a staggering profound pool. Jumpers have dropped to fifty meters, however it is as yet muddled what the genuine profundity of the carst opening is. The water that comes out has a steady temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. The Blue Eye spring, is the underlying water wellspring of Bistricë waterway, 25 km long, which closes in the Ionian Sea south of Sarandë.

Syri I Cikllopit

The eye of the Cyclops (Syri I Cikllopit) is certainly an end of the week escape. It is quite possibly the most frequented objections close to Tirana. A secret pearl that pulls in every one of the individuals who need to investigate nature and discover peacefulness once they show up to the objective. What is special about this spot are the little waterfalls encompassed by rock developments that make a display hard to see somewhere else.

Rana e Hedhun

Just 2,5 km north of Shen Gjin in the foot of the slopes there is the well known sea shore of “Powdered sand” or “Tossed Sand” (Rana e Hedhun). This sea shore remains generally neglected by the bigger populace of vacationers. It is an uncommon sea shore on the grounds that the slope is loaded up with sand and it plummets onto the ocean. There are additionally pine trees that encompass the territory makig it an ideal spot for outdoors or picnics.

Koman Lake

Encircled by thick forested slopes, vertical inclines, a restricted valley, found in norther Albania, there is the pool of Koman. This objective is one the undisputed features of Albania. It was made in 1978 when the Drin River was dammed and as result there is a staggering mountain landscape. This view can be seen by ship that is set up for the travel industry and that causes the whole excursion to feel like an extraordinary experience.

Sotira Waterfall

Discussing cascades in Albania there is the Sotira cascade moving from Mount Tomorr. It is one of nature’s scenes that has filled in as a fascination for sightseers a seemingly endless amount of time after year. To go there your excursion starts in the town of Gramsh that is just 16 km from the cascade. First you enter the town of Sotira and you need to climb for about 90 minutes appreciating the nature and show up in this breathtaking objective.

Grunas Waterfall

The most mainstream place of interest of the whole region, Thethi. Found 70 km from Shkodra, it is an excursion you’ll need to have your camera prepared for, loaded with broadened mountain sees, with water falling down rocky slopes and trees going after daylight on rough inclines. The region is wealthy in sights like the cascade of Grunas, 30 m high, the astonishing cold-water wellsprings of Okol, and the caverns of Birrat me Rrathë (Round Holes) and Mount Arapi.

Valbona valley

Valbona Valley National Park is viewed as perhaps the most wonderful parks in Albania. Found 25 km from Bajram Curri, the recreation center highlights amazing landscape involved high snow capped edges and the Valbona Valley. Different plants and creature species welcome amusement, touring, and logical investigation.


Karavasta tidal pond has been ensured since 1994 by the Ramsar International Convention. Perceived for its environmental fortunes, the recreation center offers some genuinely extraordinary exhibitions. The recreation center is home to numerous assorted and excellent plant and creature species, including uncommon cases like the jeopardized Crispy Pelican. This park is the most western settling point of this sort of bird in all Europe. The Karavasta Lagoon is probably the biggest tidal pond in the Mediterranean Sea and is home to the Dalmatian Pelican, just as more than 250 bird, well evolved creature, and land and water proficient species. Five percent of the world’s Dalmatian Pelican populace is found in this tidal pond.

Osumi Canyons

The Osumi Canyons are the ideal objections for the individuals who point experience. It is a stream gorge in southern Albania, close to the town of Corovoda. This gulch offers a great deal of underground entries and neglected caverns. Throughout the spring, high water from dissolving snow makes it conceivable to investigate the entire length of the gorge from the river.In this region, you can rehearse water sports like paddling, boating and kayaking.


Llogara Pass is the place where the snow meets the ocean. As inconceivable as that may sound it is valid. While you drive as it were in winter you can appreciate the amazing perspective on the snow entirely joined with the gem profound water of the ocean. It is additionally the street that drives you to the excellent Ionian coast beaches.In Llogara mountain is likewise found the National Park of Llogara splitting the point between the Adriatic and Ionian oceans.

Prespa Lake

Prespa National Park is the biggest park in Albania. It is 27,750 ha and contacts the Prespa lakes. The recreation center stretches out to the lines of Macedonia and Greece and is referred to locally as Balkan Park under an arrangement endorsed by the three nations. Archeological fortunes blend with fluctuated plant and creature species, framing a genuinely extraordinary and dynamite park. The Castle of Trajan and a few Byzantine-time chapels highlight eminent frescoes, which draw students of history and tourists the same. The Treni Cave is additionally situated inside the recreation center limits and is noted for its old cavern artistic creations. Remainders of Neolithic settlements indicate the rich history and serve to additional improve the normal magnificence.